5 Productivity Tips to Get Your Day Started

Who doesn’t like being productive? From what I’ve learned from my own experience, being productive is closely related to habits you have, such as what time you wake up every day. Many people hate being early risers, but I found that if you wake up early in the morning, you are more productive.

The trick is to do something to get your day started on the right foot once you get out of the bed. I will now share with you 5 productivity tips that will help you get the most out of your day. I have tried all these methods on myself and I can vouch that they are really helpful.

One thing I do when I wake up in the morning is that I pour myself a large glass of fresh cold water and I drink it slowly. I find that this gives me quite an immediate energy boost and I feel completely awake and ready to face the day. (From what I read, it seems that it also helps with a healthy metabolism and with weight loss, so there are plenty of great benefits to enjoy from this simple habit.)


Next thing, I exercise for 7 minutes, making sure that I get the cardio I need to kick-start my day and enjoy superior energy levels. You may believe that getting out of bed and starting to exercise is a bit brutal, but the truth is that you are putting your body in motion and, as a result, your mind becomes more mobile, as well.


Plan your day. It is a great thing one can do in order to improve productivity across an entire day. If you don’t know what you are after, how can you expect to achieve results? I used to be quite a disorganized person some time ago, and that had a negative impact on my productivity. I started one thing, only to jump to another, and I could barely accomplish one or two of the things I wanted for that day. You should make your plan using pen and paper, so you can clear your head and see what you are up against for the day.

Another thing that I noticed that it helps a great deal with productivity is to have a certain goal in mind when going to bed the previous night. This gives you a strong reason to wake up and start the day, without delays and procrastination.

And finally, one tip which I find pretty awesome, each morning, I make a short list with 3 things I definitely want to achieve during the day. This gives me a clear sense of purpose, and I do not stall or get lost in small details, since I know what I am after.



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